Yarnpoint Knitters is a Knitting Co-operative that has been operating for over 15 years. They speciallize in producing hand-knit items from very high quality yarns. Their web site was established in 2003.

About Yarn Point Knitters

Location: English Harbour West, Newfoundland
Business Size: >10 Employees
Project Length: 65 Days
URL: http://www.yarnpoint.ca

Goals / Objectives / Requirements

In 2003 Yarnpoit Knitters undertook a large re-vamp of their marketing materials. They contracted a photographer to build a large portfolio of photos that illustrated their high quality product.

We were contacted to build them a web presence. They wanted to use these expensive images to establish a web presence.
Our needs assessment:

  1. Build a black & white site in the vein of a fashion magazine that causes the rich color of their stock images¬†to “pop”.
  2. Use a minimum of text, focussing on just the right words.
  3. Feature clearly the 26 yarn colours that they offer.

Solutions Provided

To maximize impact, we decided to build a custom web site from scratch. The graphic design and layout were done over the period of about a month. A custom flash application was developed to creatively illustrate their color options.

  1. Custom Graphic Design & Layout
  2. Development of a Custom Html Page Template
  3. Image Editing / Enhancement
  4. Custom Flash Development
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Marketing Strategy
  7. Web Hosting

Project Outcome