LocalHomeInspectors.ca (aka. CanadianHomeInspectors.ca) has been in operation since late 2010. The site is a Web directory that features all of the Home Inspectors that are located within Canada. Inspectors are classified by Geographical areas that they serve. This site is offered as a service from HomeInspectionBusiness.ca, a marketing web site for Home Inspectors.

About LocalHomeInspectors.ca

Location: Non Specific
Business Size: 3 Employees
Project Length: 3 Days
URL: http://www.localhomeinspectors.ca

Goals / Objectives / Requirements

The owner of HomeInspectionBusiness.ca was looking to build a comprehensive directory of all the Home Inspectors that currently practice in Canada. The only real requirements were that the site classified by Geographical area, and allowed Inspectors to maintain & edit their own pages.

Our needs assessment:

  1. use a commercially available directory software to handle the inner workings of the site such as account management & category organization, as well as the basic layout of the site (ie. minimal graphic design & modification)
  2. develop the database in a standard spreadsheet, and import to the database to save time.


To increase the speed of deployment, as well as keeping costs down we licensed a commercially available directory engine. This software was deployed in a few hours. Over a period of a few weeks, the client constructed the list of inspection companies and we imported it into the database of the directory engine. This deployment represents a more or less stock configuration of commercially available Web directory software package.

Services Rendered

  1. Minor Directory Theme Customization
  2. Custom PHP programming & Database Work
  3. Web Hosting

Project Outcome