Mission Statement

New Found Web Solutions is dedicated to creating stunning web site designs that meet and exceed your expectations for functionality and performance.

However, we do more than build web sites. We provide you with a direct interface with your customers no matter where they may be. We don’t take this responsibility lightly – neither should you. Your success = our success, and we love to be successful.

One of the great things about being in the web business is that it allows us to work with clients pretty much anywhere in the world. Half of our clients are within our local area, while the other half are distributed all across Canada and the United States.

Our client service easily surpasses industry norms. Even so, we constantly strive to reach new heights of client service & satisfaction - because that’s just who we are.

Our clients trust us. They should. We have worked hard to earn it. We are extremely proud of the fact that other than a few retirements, the clients that joined us in 2000 are still here with us today. They know that we are in this for the long haul, and they are gladly staying with us to see just how far we can take this Internet thing.

Our web team has been together since 2000 and we are proficient in all aspects of web design & development as well as Internet marketing strategy. We offer fully managed and secure web hosting services as well. Everything is kept in house.

Why Us?

Since 2000, we have been providing clients with our brand of exceptional service and expertise. There are many reasons why our clients have chosen to work with us, and ultimately to stay with us. We asked them….why us? Based upon their input, we were able to :

we ask, listen and understand….you ask, listen and understand

Web design is a process. Each client comes with a unique set of expectations, challenges & problems that need to be solved. The first step in solving any problem is to clearly define what that problem is. So we ask a lot of questions. While we are doing that, you too will be asking a lot of questions. The collaborative sum of these exchanges will give us our answers which will in turn help us to formulate the right solutions for your project.

we include you in all phases of development

Design isn’t a black box where ideas go in and completed web sites come out. While we start out with a good idea as to where we are a going, there has to be a lot of communication with the client. While there are occasional flashes of brilliance from all those concerned, most of the really great stuff comes from working at it – bouncing ideas through phone calls and emails. Your feedback is appreciated through the entire process until your project is completed.

we are on time and on budget

We have successfully completed a lot of sites. Therefore we can accurately estimate what will be involved to make your vision a reality. We create a proposal that is complete with a budgetary breakdown of required services, time estimates, and overall costs. Then we stick to it.

we work in small teams

We are not a large agency. We offer that level of quality, but we keep our teams small, and focused on your needs. Your project has project manager, lead designer, and at least one developer. Our project managers are jacks of all trades. Should one of these team members become unavailable during the course of your project, the project manager will be able to fill in for any member of the team.

we do all the work

Your work is all done in house. That goes for everything from design, marketing strategy, web hosting and domain registration. Our clients get all their Internet services on one monthly invoice. Convenient or what!

we like what we do

We could be doing a lot of things. Most of our team is highly talented in a variety of creative disciplines. We are doing this because we like it and we believe that it shows.

we want you here forever

The web development industry has a lot of churn. This is an industry term that refers to the fact that agencies often have almost as many clients going as the have coming. We hate that, and we consider it the ultimate failure. Thankfully, we don’t have that problem.